Top 20 South Park Episodes

written by Michael Owino (@mikoniablogs) In 1997, South Park premiered on television, and since then, it is still receiving huge TV ratings. The show is to be mentioned amongst the greats in modern television. I have therefore managed to rank my top 20 episodes. Here’s the following: Advertisements

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Carmela Soprano Vs Skyler White

written by Michael Owino (@mikoniablogs) Carmela The wife of a mob boss representing the DiMeo family is an honour to say the least. Doing groceries in your local supermarket it goes by no surprise you’re going to get individuals whispering among themselves talking about a certain someone. As oppose to the bickering there is a […]

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Breaking Bad: Season by season it excels

written by Michael Owino (@mikoniablogs) Commiserating with the hero is your own transgression bearing in mind the drastic measures Walter White has gotten himself into. A high school genius of a chemistry teacher is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico where his consequences ascend from assembling up with his ex-student turned partner Jesse Pinkman. Packed with […]

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