Top 20 South Park Episodes

written by Michael Owino (@mikoniablogs)

In 1997, South Park premiered on television, and since then, it is still receiving huge TV ratings. The show is to be mentioned amongst the greats in modern television. I have therefore managed to rank my top 20 episodes. Here’s the following:

20. Good Times with Weapons (Season 8 Episode 1)


19. Over Logging (Season 12 Episode 6)


18. Butters’ Very Own Episode (Season 5 Episode 14)


17. AWESOM-O (Season 8 Episode 5)


16. Fishsticks (Season 13 Episode 5)


15. Insecurity (Season 16 Episode 10)


14. World War Zimmerman (Season 17 Episode 3)


13. Stanley’s Cup (Season 13 Episode 14)


12. Imaginationland Trilogy (Season 11 Episodes 10-12)


11. Butters’ Bottom Bitch (Season 13 Episode 9)


10. Sarcastaball (Season 16 Episode 8)


The writers never stop creating new situations for characters, and this is no exception. Randy’s excessive use of sarcasm, ultimately leads him in becoming a founder of a new sport, called “Sarcastaball”.

9. Asspen (Season 6 Episode 2)


A family vacation turns out to be the parents’ worst nightmare, as they are constantly hassled by Condo representatives. Meanwhile, Stan enters a race in order to save a local community centre.

8. The Losing Edge (Season 9 Episode 5)


South Park Elementary progress to the baseball championships, however it’s rather clear they want to lose, in order to be able to have freedom over the summer break. Randy gets into a few scuffles throughout the episode.

7. Guitar Queer-O (Season 11 Episode 13)


The title speaks for itself. South Park’s own parody to the commercially successful Guitar-Hero franchise. Can the boys reach a high score of 1,000,000 points??

6. Broadway Bro Down (Season 15 Episode 11)


Randy is one of my favourite characters, and simply reminds us why he’s gained a huge following over the years. Randy has an idea on bringing Broadway to South Park. The subliminal messages make this episode stand out amongst the best in the show’s history.

5. Casa Bonita (Season 7 Episode 11)


Eric Cartman convinces Butters into believing that a meteor is heading for Earth. This is all due to the fact, he was not invited to Kyle’s birthday trip to Casa Bonita.  

4. Black Friday Trilogy (Season 17 Episode 7-9)


Game of Thrones receives a South Park treatment, on what is one of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s most intelligent episodes to date. Kenny turns into a princess, and huge battle takes place, between PS4 and XboxOne.

3rd place: Chinpokomon (Season 3 Episode 11)


With the Pokémon craze at an all-time high, South Park used this to their advantage, on constructing an iconic parody. As soon as I saw a Pokémon titled “Shoe”, you just know you’re going to be chuckling throughout this episode.

2nd place: Scott Tenorman Must Die (Season 5 Episode 4)


It’s funny how $16.12 caused a serious breakthrough for Eric Cartman’s character arc. After this episode, it’s quite clear not to provoke the likes of Eric Cartman. There would be no list, if this episode wasn’t included.

1st place: Make Love, Not Warcraft (Season 10 Episode 8)


By far my favourite episode, period. A fantastic plot on the cult classic, World of Warcraft, the video game. The boys challenge a mysterious character, who has defeated all their friends from school. In typical fashion, they undergo a marathon of gaming to seek revenge, on the unknown foe.


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